Only upload changes when publishing

Sorry, quite new here so please forgive the Newb question.

I can publish a site, i have server space, but it seems a bit odd that if i were to make changes to my site, no matter how small, i need to upload the entire thing again.

Is there a way to update the site quickly without having to go through the whole extraction and upload process each time. it seems a bit over kill if all i want to do is change a date or time or mark a course as full etc.

i would welcome any constructive advice.

many thanks in advance

I have seen other web publishers where only changes are published. It sounds great but it can cause a lot of problems.

I sometimes cheat if I know specifically what will change. For example, changing a small bit of text might mean editing the published html page and uploading the change, then updating the blocs file.

You need to understand what you are doing and take great care.

Mostly my sites are relatively small so it’s not that big a thing to upload the whole thing.

You can also look on this another way. If you are always making changes a purely static site may be the wrong solution. CMS based systems avoid this publishing cycle.

For people always making little design changes to published sites, it probably indicates bad planning/workflows!