"Open another project" not adding an entry to recent files

I did create my .blocs project with the trial version and upgraded to the licensed version after 5 days. However, blocs did forget about my initial .blocs file in the “recent file” menu and on the splash screen - adding it via “Open another project” will not add it to the recent files (neither menu nor splash screen). This is somewhat frustrating as I need to locate the .bric project file on the fs every time.

Thats just the recent file list, its managed by MacOS not Blocs. If its not there then its likely its been deleted.

If it’s still there, a Spotlight search will find it.

It is most certainly still there as I can navigate to it via the “Open another project…” button. I just created a new Blocs project and saved it. That one is not showing up in the recent files either. Neither in “File → Open Recent” Menu, nor on the Blocs splash screen.

The “recent files” are never populated with my blocs installation it seems. Other applications can populate their recent files just fine.

Must be issue your end, mine okay.

Well, every other application on my Mac manages to populate “Recent Files …”. Can I get a list of directories that blocsapp uses in order to reset its configuration to a vanilla state? It used to work with the trial version of blocsapp even.

Blocs just asked the OS for the last files open with Blocs to populate that list. It doesn’t store the data it relies on the OS to provide it upon startup so basically your OS is telling Blocs it doesn’t have a recent file list. It can be cleared via File > Open Recent > Clear Menu.

It’s working now. Either because of the new 2.3.1 version or the reboot I did just prior to updating. Consider it solved.