Open carousel with other slide in modal

Hi all. I have a modal and in the modal in have a carousel. Is it possible to open the modal with a button and then start the carousel with an other slide then slide 1? So different buttons start with different slides. Hope there is a way to do this.

You would have to set up a carousel/modal for each button. this will allow you to set the order of slides differently for each carousel. Carousels always start from slide one and then progress forward, so you would simply change the first slide to the image you want displayed when first opening the carousel.

You may have to play around, with it, but there is a script that will allow you to define the slide number that displays in a carousel. I personally haven’t used it. It may not even work :rofl:

<script type="text/javascript"> 

EDIT: Also found this on a website. So it’s obviously possible.

Thanks a lot for the script. Where to put it exactly? Can you please tell me that too?

Just put it in the page footer. Make sure you define the class and the ID to make it work though.