Opening new site within my Blocs site

Hi all,

Hopefully an easy one for all you Blocs users. How do I get an external site (Say Twitter) to display within my Blocs site in the body rather than in a new page or tab. I’m using a sticky header and would like to display the other site underneath

Thanks in advance as always

Hello @BCoops, if I understand you correctly, you can use an iframe in a html bric to achieve this.

@webplus, the iframe is not working in the new version of Blocs (base version 2.2) can you check please?

@BCoops read this

Option 1
create a bloc, insert a html bric, open the editor and add this code inside

 <iframe width="100%" height="3000" frameborder="0" style="border:0" src=""></iframe>

but that does not work for twitter and co

Option 2
if you want to insert a twitter feed go first to this twitter page:

follow the instructions an than simlpy copy the code twitter gives you in the HTML bric

here is the .bloc file to test (created with blocs version 3.2.2)

iframe-website-twitter.bloc (1.4 MB)

Have fun


Thanks Sandy! That gives me something to play with!

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