Option field - Wuff bey! No selection possible?

I was desperatly and by unsuccsessfully lokking for a possibility to turn an option field as “required”.
Any one else found that?

Or one of the fiew bugs?

Not a bug… more like an omission. Same with check boxes and radio buttons IIRC.

@Norm is this on your radar?

Good to know, at least someone else is suffering:joy:

Another thing is that the Margin and padding doesn´t fit like the other fields.
Neccessary to add a class just for an option field?

Sure thing, I should be able to add that, I don’t recall any previous requests for it but it’s on my work list now.

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Good morning @Norm

Early bird - Thanks

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Hi @Norm,

Field Date shows this (screenshot).
Placeholder Date would be much nicer.

Hello @Norm @ScottinPollock ,
one thing I am missing too.
Having the possibility to “redirect” to custom “Thanks for sending” URL.
Hope that´s not to difficult.

Have a great weekend

It’s not difficult - and has been discussed previously. Here is a recent thread with a link describing 3 methods. It would certainly offer a more professional response giving the user the ability to define a tailored message via a success page. Any of the three mentioned methods could be added and utilized by Blocs.

Thanks for the quick Response @Blocs_User.

I would appreciate to have just one more simple field in Blocs to do that.
Shouldn’t´t be that difficult.
As well as having the possibility to finally give an option field the “REQUESTED” choice.

In Beta 231-6 still not seen - although pretending beeing on the “radar”…

That’s not likely to come in a patcher update, it will be a main version number realease ie 2.4, 2.5 etc.

Hello worker, at least you recognized the issue.
Thanks, will step on your foot as a blunt German.

Option Field requested"yes/no" earlier?

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