Option to upload a file when filling forms


Is there a way to have an option ‘upload a file’ to ‘forms’?
I have a client that needs users to upload a file when filling a form.

Tried google forms but only g-suite members can use ‘upload file’ feature.

Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance

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I am afraid this is more complicated than one would think. First, you’d have to code the form yourself. Second, you’ll need some server side scripting to support it.

And third… and this is the biggie, if you want anyone filling out a form to be able to do this (with no form of authorization), you’ll need a directory on the server with public write permission… something many ISP’s will give you grief over.

What I have done in the past is to create a landing page with a mailto link that instructs the user to send the file via email, or to use a service like FileStack.

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Good advice @ScottinPollock

I guess, but this isn’t really acceptable to me. It’s a bit unprofessional. Will it ever be an option?

I don’t know what you find unprofessional about FileStack’s services. Did you even give them a look?

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I would also like to see form options expanded, including honey pot spam protection, client confirmation emails, sign up forms, 2nd recipient, minimum number of characters and reply address macros.