Original Image Path in HTML source code!?


I’ve moved a Blocs project across my mac devices and now I have an „original-image-path“ element in the source code when publishing or previewing the website!

Does anyone know what causes this issue and, above all, how can I get rid of it! Thanks!

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I have noticed this as well. I haven’t moved any projects or have any new devices though, but this is definitely a thing

I took a deeper look and noticed that the „original-image-path“ element is only present when using an image in conjunction with the Image Overlay Bric.
When I use the same image (in the same project) for an other type of bric the „original-image-path“ element is NOT present.

I also tested the behavior with a new blocs project and the results are the same: so the issue it’s not project/device related but bric related.

Strange thing: when using one of the default images that are available in Blocs, for the Image Overlay Bric, the „original-image-path“ element is not inserted.

yes, it’s with any bric that uses the image field.