Overlapping menus

Greetings. I’m a novice Blocs user… building a new site - http://www.808supplies.com - and having an issue with the menu. If the browser window is narrowed - or the pages are viewed on a small tablet in landscape mode, the “company name” and menu overlap instead of the header going into the “triple line” tablet/phone menu mode. Any suggestions on how to avoid this unwanted collision of text? Cheers - or as we say over here, mahalo.

No worries… I deleted one page from the main menu and it’s no longer overlapping in certain screen sizes. Still interested in a fix for future projects with more pages listed in a wide main menu. Cheers.

You can reduce one or two points the size of the links, and also make the navbar full width so you have more space

Thank you Sir. I’ll give those suggestions a try.