OWL caroussel doesn't work on-line

My problem: in the preview in Blocs the Owl carousel works just fine.
After uploading i only see a wall of graphics and no carousel.
See the example: http://sandra-schoenmakers.nl/graphic_design_nl.html

What am i missing?

Kind regards, Frank

Quite a lot of missing files. Either they haven’t been published, or your upload missed them.

That´s a well known issue with owl.
As soon as you have a light box gallery on the same page with owl either the carousell or the galley doesn´t work.
I bought it 6 month ago - still no fixes.

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The OP is a different issue.

Correction: In Blocs View it stopped working also.

One thing that could be and is important is, that the file name given for the picture, has got no special characters in their name. I once had a problem with that. The image in the carousel showed absolutely fine in preview, but not anymore once it was uploaded, because Blocs could cope with the non-conventional character but not the server where the website with the images was uploaded.

I also had so many restrictions and annoyances I gave up with it.
It was better to add a Masterslider plugin and work out the coding.
More complex but so much more advanced.
See my Head slider and feedback.


@apswoodwork Looks really nice, indeed. :+1:

Thanks. Had help from forum members along the way.

Hi Frank, as @InStacks pointed all Owl Carousel files are missing: try to re-publish the page and send me a link again. If it’s not working please send me a copy of your project, use the form at the Help Center or Dropbox.

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It’s working again. The solution Lucas offered: remove all the missing files from the pages that contain Owl Carousel. Then add an Owl to that page and delete it. The missing files are back in the project and it’s working again!