Padding variable

it’s possible? Is it possible to change the padding (with sticky effect activated) of the Head when scrolling the page? Let me explain better: when you load the fixed page, the padding to the value 50 and as soon as I start browsing, the padding of the Head is brought to the value 0.
Is all this possible?

Yes its possible, but you need to do this with javascript.

Hello Attilio,

I am not sure if that’s what you need, but you might want to check the video below.

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Nice, didn’t realise you could do that (actually hadn’t thought about it). One question, is it jerky or smooth on scroll. As I imagine its just apply the class style with no transition. Hard to tell on the video. Thanks @Eldar.

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I think it was smooth enough (don’t have my Mac with me to check again). Probably not super smooth, but I guess good enough if it is difficult to say on the video. :slight_smile:

you answered my need exactly in your video! Thanks Eldar, as always you can count on you!

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