At the moment we have padding options, but these are broken into fixed pixel amounts that affect top and bottom. We really need more versatility here with options to define top, bottom, left and right. This should preferably be in Rem rather than pixels to maintain relative distances across different device sizes.

@flashman Custom classes let you tweak padding and margin individually. I’ll look into adding REM support to the class editor. If you are using a padding value applied via a class on a block, be sure to set the Blocs padding to none in the sidebar first.

Just a quick note, the sidebar will always give you basic pre-defined options, the Class Manager and Class Editor are there for those that want to style in greater detail, the basic side bar features will in 99% of the times override styles applied with custom classes, so take care when combining the two.

Thanks Norm, I’ll have to look at this. Every time I plan to sit down and spend a day on Blocs something seems to crop up and my attention is diverted elsewhere.

I have yet to touch the class manager or editor and they look very different to anything I have tried in the past, so I’ll need to study learn about these for sure, because that seems to be where the control lies.


Why can you only set decimal to the hundredths for margin but not padding? It would be very helpful if you could set padding to two decimal points like you can with margin when using classes, especially for padding % numbers.

Am I just missing something or why is this not the case for padding as well?

@Blocs_User the functionality has just not been developed yet.

I assume for whatever reason it’s because it would cause conflicts / issues in Blocs due to the way it’s currently developed - so it’s not enabled / allowed?

Having it can really allow for some nice tricks regarding design. So it’s a pity for Blocs as it’s standard in general web design.

yes thats basically it. Software development is like spinning plates on sticks, taking a few steps forward looks simple but it can cause breaks easily. It will come, but it wont be an instant addition right now.