Page loading speed

I need quite a few images on some of my web pages. I understand optimization but am wondering how to further speed loading times for pages with many photos. For instance, are lightboxes loaded with the page that links to them (though they are invisible) - or do they load only when activated?

Blocs makes this pretty easy, by simply selecting the lazy loading option when exporting the project. The images only load at that point as the page scrolls down, which makes the initial page load very fast. You can also tick the various other optimisation options when exporting the project.


Apart from that you can make all sorts of changes at the server level, depending on what your hosting package allows or consider options like CloudFlare.

I always choose the Export Project option, which allows me to select the export settings, but I have no idea what is done if you simply select Quick Export.

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Thanks. Is lazy loading also working for images in carousels and lightboxes?

I believe so yes, though in my case it’s so fast that you’d struggle to notice. @Norm would be best able to advise on the algorithm used with lazy loading.

If you had a really long page with a lot of big images the lazy loading effect might be more noticeable, however the initial page loading would be fast. It’s also worth remembering that changes like http2 can have a big impact on the speed of page loading, though you’ll need your pages to be https for that to work.

If you really dig deep there is an awful you can do to influence page speed, but most of it only makes a noticeable difference on particularly image heavy pages or on a slow internet connection.

Simply use lazy load to improve page speeds, google lighthouse tools are also best for improving overall experience