Page names keep changing

I have finally put my partially finished website online. ( It is satisfying, until you try following links. For rexample, on the home page, we have a link to “Niko’s Pizza” but that takes you to the “Danish Canadian Club”. In Bocs itself, the Danish Canadian Club now has the title “Bar”. When I open the “Bar” page, it thinks it is “Home” and even has the “Botton Global area” and the “exlude from export” boxes checked. I then looked at the “Chops Steakhouse & Bar” site only to find it thinks it is “Bar” I tried to change this as well, but was told that another “Chops Steakhouse & Bar already exits in this project”.
I love the look of the site and the ease of adding material, but it is useless as long as this name changing continues to go on. It is not present in all pages, but certainly in a good number of them.

Help, please


OK first question. Are you using the latest release version of Blocs? There was a glitch prior to that where changing the SEO Title was also changing the page name in the menu.

For the other parts with the incorrect links are you sure you chose the right pages in the side panel? I notice that other links further down the page all appear to be correct.

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Yes, I am using the latest version, though the early pages were made on the last one. And I have checkthat the page links are reading properly.
Should I just delete and remake the ones that are not connecting properly.


Yes I would give that a try.

Helo Flashman

Absolute disaster.

First I removed/deleted 6 pages whose Page Name and/or SEO Title seemed to be corrupted in some way.
Then I redid “Bar”, and it seemed okay.
Then I went off and started to redo “Niko’s Pizza”. On a whim, I went back to “Bar” only to find that it now had the Page Name: Home and SEO Niko’s Pizza.
I left it in frustration and went back to finish Niko’s Pizza, and saved it, only TO FINE THAT WHEN I RETURED TO MY HOME PAGE ALL BUT THE HEADER AND THE CAROUSEL HAS DISAPPEARED.

I do have back up, but this is just too frustrating for me.

Any help would be appeciated.


You wouldn’t need to delete any pages for this, merely the links and recreate them. If you want to send me a copy of the project file I am happy to take a look, but it may also be worth sending it in as a bug report together with any relevant information to Norm. If there is something wrong with your project file he is best placed to find the cause and has tools to diagnose this.

Just resetting the links doesn’t work. The pages continue to change their set names and even check boxes that were not set. Right now, for example, “Bar” thinks it is the home page, and when you hit its link on the home page it sends you to Niko’s Pizza. And this is just one example.

I will send this to Norm as well.

It’s downloading now and I’ll take a look shortly. Chances are it is something fairly simple.

There is something that doesn’t make sense with this project file and I am wondering if you created these pages via some unusual means, because I have never seen anything like it. I searched for Niko’s Pizza in the page navigator and the problem became apparent immediately.

If I click on the page settings in the page selector found in top right hand corner of Blocs it appears as the Home page like in this screenshot.

Now if I access the page settings for the same page inside the page navigator it is correct.

Clearly there is something wrong here but I think it is something @Norm is better placed to diagnose. Did you create these pages by duplication from the home page by chance? Any information you can add would be useful in finding out what my have caused this.

It looks like Blocs thinks you have more than one home page and that may not be your only issue. You have set the home page correctly inside project settings, but this shows why you are having problems. The cause and solution I am not sure of at the moment.

It’s the same problem on the bar page.


I haven’t heard back from Norm, but I know he must be busy.

Since writing last, I have gone through every page on my site removing any that had started to call themselves “Home”, except, of course, the real “Home Page”. Then I began rebuilding each page from scratch, from a duplicate of another like page. I did about five of these, and on a whim went back to look at them again. They were all calling themselves “Home”. and had checked the “Bottom Global area” and “Exclude From Export” boxes.

Have you had any further ideas as to why this is happening?

Google is now sending me emails telling me that my page has problems, as if I didn’t know.



I have your ticket I’m working though them should hopefully have some news tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Found the cause, it’s a glitch caused by a bug I fixed in one of the patch releases since 3.4.0. I’ve sent you a fixed version of your project file via your bug report ticket.

Sorry for the delay.

The problem is solved.

Many Thanks



This is is happening agan ( “notheast” and southeast" have just reverted to home pages. I’m afriad to publish any new version on the web.
I’m am losing hours and hour or work each time. I’m afraid if it isn’t fixed soon, I am going to have to switch programs.


Hey @Taosen,

Does this happen with any of your other projects? Or just this one. Because it looks like Norm fixed the file, so it’s interesting that the problem has appeared again.

The fix for this is included in Blocs 3.4.3 it’s still not public yet as it needs to be tested for a few weeks as a beta.

I’m hoping to start the beta testing for that version this week. So it is fixed just the fix is not included in the public version of Blocs, which is what you are using.

As for your project nothing will be lost, I should be able to easily remove the problematic glitch from the file. The data still exists in the file, it’s just not exported or previewed correctly.

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Hi Grant, I’ve tested your project you linked to and its working fine for me?

Both pages preview and export correctly using your project file, in both Blocs 3.4.2 and 3.4.3.

Thank you for your work, Norm. I have just generated a new package ( In my version:

Northwest is calling itself “Home”

Southeast is calling itself “Home”

Southwest is calling itself “Home”

Name B is calling itself “Banquet Restaurants” and when I try to change it Blocs says that a page with this name already exists.

Rating 7 to 9 is calling itself “Carribean” and when I try to change it Blocs says that a page with this name already exists.

The Bro’kin Yolk - is calling itself “Home”

I have tried to change all of these and either they won’t change or they switch back quickly.

Again thanks.

You wont be able to change them, the names are not broken. It’s an export issue that is fixed in 3.4.3 (out tomorrow). I’ll take a look at the file you uploaded and see if I can get the same results.

Are you running the projects from dropbox?