Page Order


Wishing that I can change the page order. I don’t always create pages in order.




Good call.
@Norm hopefully drag & drop is doable in the page navigator.



That’s been on the request list for a while now. It would make larger sites easier to manage.


Indeed, still very much hoping for this feature.


Obviously the order for pages in menus can be changed with menu manager. But I’m just wondering, is the need for this more a visual personal organisation requirement?


For me, yes it is.


For me it’s mainly about the process of editing web pages in an order that makes sense. If you had a website selling DIY products it’s just easier to manage if you can add a new page alongside others in a similar category. It’s partly psychological as you work through the site, but also about organisation and efficiency.

None of this is an issue with a 5 page website, but on a 50+ page site with 10 sections it makes a big difference if you are not naturally organised or have a client that fits the description.


More visual organisation of the order of websites accourding to my workflow.
E.g. Our routes are differing and therefore the the order in a that project doesn´t match with the menu navbar.
Same with the boats wich is a different project in a deifferent server folder.


to me it is important… and also if I use the Menu Manager, I will like to see the refresh button on the menu manager… instead of gogingo someplease else to update it. thx