Page structures when exporting a project

In Rapidweaver I have always created my projects so that each page is an index.html or index.php placed inside a named folder. In that way you end up with nicely organised URLs like

This has the bonus of making the server nice and easy to navigate because everything related to that page is within that folder. Better still if I select the tidy website links option they appear in the browser as “”. At a later stage if I choose to switch from html to php the browser just serves up the correct version.

I’ve tried exporting a first project in Blocs and all the pages are thrown together in the main window and URLs all appear like

Is there any way to change that structure so that it works like I do in Rapidweaver? It strikes me that we need a page settings option to add a folder.


I also like this clean url approach, Im hoping to add support for this in the new year, its not a priority but I’ll do my best.


Thanks Norm, another advantage of this url structure is that it works better for social media and marketing purposes, including those offline. This is particularly important if you are building sites for clients who ask you to create a page at a specific url.

You could do that with htaccess:

Google – htaccess clean url ( or pretty, friendly, etc.,)


Thanks I didn’t know that was possible.