Pages/Layers within navigation

It would be nice to have layers on pages, i.e you could have a similar layout to how the Layer Navigator works but for pages, and then have the option to show all pages just like how it currently works now for those with only a few pages on their website.

So essentially you can collapse and expand pages to see the pages within them certain pages or just fully expand all pages. It helps to navigate and know what links from where, especially on sites with over 30 pages.


  • Home:
    • Our Services
    • About Us
    • Contact
  • Our Services:
    • Category 1
    • Category 2
    • Category 3

Hi there! I think (if I have understood correctly) that You can achieve this by using the Toggle Visibility option. For example, You could make a bloc and name it “OurService”, then press the Toggle Visibility button on it. At that point You could have a separate bloc always visible with a series of buttons: the user clicks on one of them and the according bloc will appear (provided You have set it so that it makes a bloc visible and You have typed the name of that bloc). If I remeber correctly you can also set the buttons to turn multiple elements visibile/invisble by inserting all of the blocs names followed by a comma (OurService, AboutUs, Contact, Etc.).

Hi, I think it is not a bad idea.

At the moment, the best methods to navigation through many pages (I have a few websites with over 100 pages) you should use Search and utilize the dropdown menu in the top right corner.


Hi @Pingue

I think @Brocky120 is referring to another thing. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

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Hi Eldar, funny cause I just bought your templates and courses 2 days ago! :stuck_out_tongue: It is, but its hard to know which pages come from where, and thus a tree kind of layout would be good, at least it can collapse and expand for easier viewing and navigation.