Pagination numbers

Does anyone know how to make a page navigation menu with numbers inside squares or circles? Thank you.

Make a graphic to show what you have in mind.

Thank You

You could use BootStrap Pagination, via the HTML Bric.

You would then need to add it to each page and set the proper reference to the active class for each page.

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I guess that’s a horizontal list of buttons with custom graphics. Probably with the navbar not in the global area, or you’ll need some javascript.

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Good point @pauland.

I guess a person could also use the ‘List Bric’ and set the ‘Data Source’ to a custom menu via “add new menu” in the ‘Menu Manager’ and manage links etc., there. Set the list to horizontal, add text, icons whatever to the list, then style it as desired via the ‘Class Manager’, etc.,

I have a tendency to think in source first, some times I forget out GUI approaches. :–)

Either way the browser sees the same thing!

hi guys im a newbie wasup