Paid, but have not received licence?

I have paid for a licence but have received nothing to confirm. I have tried all of your contact forms and when reaching the capture window, on selecting one of the picture boxes the whole window goes blank - hence an error is created and the form will not send. I have attempted this 8-9 times on different forms on Blocsapp website - each time it fails. My bank account shows that the money has been sent but I have nothing to show for it. Not a very happy NEW customer…

A silly question perhaps, but have you checked your spam folders, both inside your mail app and on the server if enabled? Obviously you shouldn’t be having any difficulty with the contact forms @Norm

I am sure this will be resolved fairly quickly.

I agree with @Flashman - @Norm or somebody from the support team will surely address the issue soon enough.

Being a fairly new customer myself - I can only assure you that I rarely met such friendly and helpful community like this one. It really has to be some technical issue.

“Patience you must have, my young padawan”. :wink:
It’s weekend after all.

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I’m also a newbie, and will second what @Maxim says above -a very helpful and friendly lot here. Get the weekend out of the way and see what happens when the forum is monitored a bit more on a weekday - problems happen, but people need a bit of time off!
Best of luck.

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I should like to thank everyone for their help. Due to family bereavement I have not revisited the forum for a while. My issue was eventually resolved by electronic refund, which I then used to re-apply for a license successfully. Thank you.

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Sorry to hear of your loss. Thanks for popping back and I’m glad you are all up and running :+1: