Panel Bric

I can see some uses for Panel Bric but to get some more ideas for use I was wondering how some of you have used the Panel Bric and why you choose to use it?

I assume you’re referring to the accordion bric.

One of the better examples might be a short FAQ section where the questions are in the heading section and the answers are in the content section.

This UI type is good when you have reason to believe that the content should be parsed in more readable chunks. The result is less distraction and less real-estate taken up on the page.

The caveat is that when used improperly it merely adds another barrier between the user and the content. So only putting tertiary or supporting content. Avoid placing marketing messages, important navigational instructions etc. inside an accordion.

Hi @Whittfield

The Panel bric exists only in Blocs 2, it has become the Card bric in Blocs 3.


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Thanks for the heads up @MDS.

In answer to the original question, I’ll update my answer.

The card is another UI component found in Bootstrap and other popular frameworks. They are a simple aesthetic for highlighting content.

The idea is that you can format content within this box including images and links, charts etc. How you use the card is really up to you. Common use cases are things like “Callout boxes”, product boxes and sidebar containers to name a few.