Panel encroaching on header image


is it easy enough to have panels encroaching onto the header images on pages like:




Hello @Stubbsy, here an idea, how to achieve this.


Hi there,

May be this is a more simple way to achieve it using only the created custom class and negative top margin.



This works really slick. Thanks for sharing.



Yes, this is easy when you use images and want negative margins using just a class. I’ve used it many times. The problem I’ve always had was when you want to use this with say a paragraph over an image. A class only will let you apply some negative margin but does not give you the control as using a div with header code as @webplus showed.

I’ve tried using just a class on the row, column and element and I can only achieve about -25 over a bloc with a image above. Maybe I’m missing something?




Fair enough. Indeed, does not seem to have as much impact. Weird though.

Will take a deeper look when time’s available.




I thought the same thing. I not trying to make it seem that your contribution is not valid. I really appreciate the time sharing your video. Seem like it would work and just about anything using a class.



No offense taking - happy you shared more information.



Thanks for all the advice everyone that has really helped