Paragraph color not applied

Hi, the paragraph color is not being applied when I select it on the Appearance section. I have then created a class and added font color there. Still, I cannot change color of the paragraphs. I have even deleted the default color in Project Settings.

See screenshot.

Why? Why is it not working? Is it a bug?

Does it show up white in preview or in the browser?

Hi @ffayzullaev
what happen when you not choose a google font ? Choose a local font ( Helvetica ) The same problem ?

Same. Color not applied.

Yup, same, color not applied.

Hi @ffayzullaev
strange … Is this only in this specific bloc ? Did you try to delete the bloc and make a new one …? Opacity 100% ?

Is the class applied on the left side in the layer tree ?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-29 um 00.08.48

I would first look in the dev inspector in safari and check the styles. For a couple of reasons. 1 is the style appearing and 2. Is it being overridden.

I’ve had this error a few times (Blocs just won’t let me change the color in some paragraph’s or h’s), it helped to create a new paragraph below (or above the existing one) and also assign the “font-white” class, then it worked.
In short, recreate the paragraph (at least this helped me).

Weird. Now it’s working when I deleted the class and added it back. It’s still not working when I change the color in the Appearance section of the element though.