Parallax effect issue

Hi! Im having this gradient effect on a background picture. Any ways I want the picture to to stay as you see on blocs but once you try on the preview it loses the effect, also if I try on the browser! Leaving you guys a video, im pretty sure is a very simple solution for this issue hehehe
As you can see im building this following @Eldar video tutorials :slight_smile:


Parallax doesn’t work on mobile devices, you only get the faded part. It does work on desktop, right?

No, I recorded on my mac but dunno why i got the creen cut! So that’s who looks on my mac :confused: @Blocs_User would you know how to fix it?

I know that you recorded that on a Mac. What I mean is that even if you record on your Mac, if you make your preview screen as narrow as you did, it will act as it was not a desktop. Make it wide and it should work.

it doesn’t work wide either look

Umm… I guess it’s a bug or something, I checked and it works fine on my computer.

I did see other users reporting parallax not working, but clearing the cache usually solves the problem. Not sure what’s the issue with your project. Sorry

Ok let me try creating a new project to see if it works! :slight_smile: By the way how do you clean the cache? Do you mean on my browser! It doest work either on my preview version. @Norm do you know how I could fix this?

Those guys at Sparkle managed to produce a parallax effect which works perfect on my iPhone and iPad. So this must be doable too with Blocs 3 isn’t. Although I don’t know how.