Parallax Effect on mobile/tablets?

I notice that there has been previous discussion about the parallax effect not working on tablets and phones. Is there any update on this as it still doesn’t work on iPhone and iPads. Is there any update which will fix this or any third party bloc which would work? I know @Eldar has it working on his site on mobile devices, although he uses different software for his own site.

Hi Stephen,

Yes, you are right, I don’t think it’s possible to enable the parallax for mobile devices in Blocs. Maybe some of the users with coding knowledge can help with that.

You are right. I am using Squarespace, because I need a robust CMS to manage over 400 pages. It won’t be easy to do in Blocs app.

Thank you Eldar. Shame it is possible on Squarespace but not on Blocs.

I think it’s just a different type of product. Blocs is much better than Squarespace at many things. :slight_smile: