Parallax forground

is it possible in Blocs to do a parallax scrolling where the picture passes in the foreground and reveals the page like this example ?

Thank you very much

Here are 10 cool videos about what can be done Parallaxing Effects
How cool would if we could implement these in Blocs! :smile:

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Hello @KBConcepts, inspired in this video, look a little fun website I create in minutes…

LINK (open with safari)

Sorry about the video but is a little too good…

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It looks really cool @Pealco, but it does not do anything in Chrome or FireFox. I have not tried it in Safari.

Yes, there are different kind of parallax FX. But Blocs only has a simple one with Text (but without other elements). I wish Blocs would have more.

Whow! This is great. Yes, I wish such an FX would be possible with Blocs. Strange that it does not work in Chrome for Firefox. Although I must say the scrolling is a little bit awkward in Safari. I have to drive the mouse scroll wheel quite hot. But that could be Safari on my macOS as Safari on the newer macOS scrolls by far better.

Hey @Pealco it doesn’t work on iPad either. I’m not on my Mac and I want to see it :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Now in safari works better, in chrome is working too (codecs problems) and in iPad sorry but no working… :frowning:

Nice effect, not the smoothest movement.

This was made with blocs… about the awkward in safari is fixed, about Chrome and Firefox is working, but as the video is too big is a little strange, with smaller videos works very well…


Ok, you made it in Blocs but for sure you coded something for it.
However, I would not regard this as a Parallax FX, which needs at least 2 objects and a movement vertically or horizontally as by the explanation given in the video from @KBConcepts.