Parallax issues - feedback required

There is an issue with parallax backgrounds that has surfaced in the last few weeks. I’m still not able to replicate the issue.

Do you suffer from the problem? If so what version of MacOS are you running?

Is Parallax working for you? What version of MacOS you running.

For those with the issues, create a simple fresh project add a parallax bg and export / test locally in browser, does that work?

No problem at all. Blocs latest version. (not beta) Version 10.12.6


No issues here either, latest fully patched Hi Sierra and live Blocs version.

Hi Norm,

If I set the screen resolution to ‘Scaled - More Space’, the exported site works fine in Safari and Chrome. If I change it to ‘Default for this display’ without closing the preview it still works. However if I close and regenerate the preview it doesn’t work.

This is on the latest High Sierra and a 13-inch MBP.

Firefox works at all resolutions.


Parallax works for me as a static image, no parallax effect.
Blocs 2.6.0 built 7, Macos 10.13.5

Page in question:

Just rebuilt a project, works fine in Safari and Firefox, but in Chrome The parallax images are removed and replaced with the background flat colour.

Hi Norm.
I don’t know if is an issue but, like Lucas in this thread, when I scroll down the page the background image remain static. I’ve see at the Eldar Gezalov site ( that the background image scroll slightly when you scroll the page. Is it the correct behaviour? Because mine parallax pages show a still background image.
I’m using a MacBook Pro (retina) with MacOs HighSierra.
Thanks for ur attention.

That site is Squarespace, I mentioned it here previously.

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Hi @ferrale,

My site you mentioned was build using different design solution. In Blocs, background image is just fixed.

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Ah! Ok! I’m sorry for the mistake!

So, if the background image of a parallax(ed) block should be “static” I’m not experiencing any strange behavior. But if it should move (even if slightly) then maybe there is a problem!