Parallax issues


Sounds like a lovely holiday!

I’ll try on my other Mac with El Capitan and see if that works.

And that’s what I meant Ian - it works within Blocs, and only in Firefox as a preview.


Works great here with Chrome, Chrome Canary and Safari browsers using 1280x800 thru 2560x1400 resolutions.
Although when trying to use some lower resolutions the parallax feature isn’t working, don’t know whay that was?


Thanks @hvytrucker, definitely seems sporadic. Are you on the latest versions of everything? I am.


Export your site and run it locally from your desktop in a browser, if it works fine then the issue is happening during transport from your server to the users browser.


Thanks Norm, tried it and still not working in Safari or Chrome, just Firefox.

Just in case it’s relevant, this is how I export…


Do you have a live url I could test?


Hi Norm,

The issue seems to be related to screen resolution.

If I have my MBP set to ‘Best for Display’ it only works in Firefox. If I change it to scaled with smaller text, it works again in both Chrome and Safari.

When it’s set to ‘Best for Display’, the Blocs toolbar is also cut off as in the attached image.



@Norm sure, it’s

Re what @Taplow70 says, my 2016 MacBook and 2017 iMac displays are as they came out of the box.


Strange it runs fine for me in both chrome and safari. Have you ruled out cache issues?


Sounds more like a graphics card issue than the actually code. The implementation of parallax in Blocs projects is trivial, its simply a class rule background-attachment: fixed; there’s nothing you can do to prevent the glitch with extra code as I think this is happening at the browser end rather than the sites code.

I dont get the issue, Im on a 2017 MBP at the moment.


I’ve run Cookie for a long time now to clear out all the cr*p every ten minutes on Safari. So hopefully it’s not a cache issue.

The only extension I use is Kablock! - with it on or off, my website doesn’t work.

On Chrome, which has only ever been used to see what happens on my website when using it, I’ve cleared the caches, my website still doesn’t work on either of my Macs, where all software is up-to-date.

Other websites with parallax work.

This happened suddenly after more than two years of using Blocs.

My graphics cards are the same as when the website worked.

I’m getting the same issues with my website as @Taplow70, on different computers, obviously.

Can you suggest anything else?

(Just as reminder, parallax doesn’t work using Bloc’s preview mode - or from a local export - on Safari or Chrome - only on Firefox.)



Because the effect is simply a CSS rule theres not much you can do to fix it. All the work is done by the browser and graphics card to create the effect.

What did you change with your site in the latest version of Blocs that may have caused the error. I just tried your site again and it loads the parallax fine for me.


just an idea, try disabling lazy load on export.


I see something similar since I updated to Blocs 2.6.0
Parallax on Chrome: when I move the mouse over the parallax image, the image disappears.
Lazy load disabled, browsercache cleared.


This only happens when mouse is over the bg image?


When I move the mouse over the bg image the image disappears and doesn‘t appear again until I refresh the Browser.


Works fine here. Very nicely done site.


I don’t use lazy load as it creates other issues.


Thanks Rob!


I have the same problem.

Parallax is working during preview on Blocs but not working on Chrome or Safari