Parallax issues


Do you have a live version I can test, Im still unable to replicate this issue. What version of MacOS are you running?

Problem background images in Chrome

Yes, the site’s here. On the home page, it’s supposed to have parallax scrolling.

I’m using MacOS 10.13.4 (17E199). I tried on a Windows PC, using Chrome and it worked although there were times when I scroll that the background image would disappear then show up when I scroll again.

It was working 1 or 2 weeks ago. Some time last week I updated to the latest version of Blocs. I have tried going back to the old version but parallax still doesn’t work.


The flashing is lazyload, the fact it works on a pc minus the flashing (which is lazy load) I think this may be a MacOS issue. Since updating to the lastest public MacOS my laptop screen is flickering even on desktop sometimes.


@Norm Same here. After I did a major update of Blocs, my parallax stopped working. The parallax preview in blocs works fine, but once I export it it does not work in safari, chrome or firefox. I haven’t done an update to my computer. This happened after I updated Blocs.