Parallax turns Hero image off and changes Nav colour

Could anyone please point me in the right direction regarding why this happening?

I have a hero page, and a separate nav. When I turn parallax on for the hero page, the whole image on it disappears and this alters also the nav colour (in my case from black to white).

I have looked at everything, and I was told it could be a bug, but I have not heard anything since, and with the new update, I still have the problem. I would be really thankful if anyone could give me a bit of direction why this is happening.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @Fourier, a short video /gif would help understanding better.

Hi Jerry. Thanks for your message. Yes I can, although as I say, its quite straight forward. When choosing the parallax setting, it changes the hero which has a background image, to not having one and becoming blank. And it also changes the nav settings, in my case, black, to white.

Hi @Fourier, yes same here.
When parallax selected and bloc has hero image, the hero image takes long time (10 sec’s) to display, showing only white box across all browsers. (yes image is optimised and loads quickly when parallax deselected).
Tried all sorts of work rounds but for now have turn parallax off for now.
Will keep looking and check in.