Hi Y’all.
Does anybody know if it’s possible to easily create parallax effect for the lower breakpoint screen sizes?
The new forum is much slicker btw
Many thanks,

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Blocs uses the :fixed vs :scroll property (background-attachment:fixed;) for it’s simple parallax, this is by default disabled on iOS and other mobile devices for performance reasons (google for discussions). Your only option would be to implement a JS/JQuery solution on your own.

There is actually a pretty simple one done years ago by Heather Corey,

It uses JQuery and some simple math, it also scrolls the background image slightly for an added effect in addition to the page content. This is effect of scrolling both, is pretty common now days and many libraries for Parallax Scrolling exist using JQuery with this effect and more.

Having said all that, these too can at times run poorly on mobile and some of the libraries that you will find, disable the feature by default on mobile. So yeah it is cool, but just make sure it does not cause unwanted performance hits.

Hope something helps your efforts.


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