Parallels Desktop starts when I try to preview my project in Firefox

Every time I preview my project in Firefox using Blocs, Parallels Desktop begins to run Windows Firefox.

You can set the preview in browser in prefs. Change it to safari.

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Same problem here. I have Safari and Firefox on macOS and Firefox and IE/Edge on Parallels/Windows.
Every time I press “Firefox” It want to open Firefox on Parallels.

Can’t you make a option so we can add our browsers ourself to the “View” menu?

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Parallels vm opens from within Blocs when previewing with Firefox. Chrome and Safari do not do this. I need to be able to preview in Firefox from the Mac desktop not Windows while developing my site.

I had a similar issue, in my case I had to disable application sharing. In PD go to Windows options > Applications > Share Windows applications with Mac.

If you have this option enabled you probably have to first shutdown any opened Windows at PD Control Center.