Paste as plain text

Does anybody know if Blocs always pastes as plain text by default? It appears to adopt the chosen font but I wondered if there is any risk of messing up the code if you copy paste from a web page or Word doc?

I was thinking this also.

I would always shift+command+v to paste in with any software… bringing in styles from other apps could mess things up, unless Blocs has a filter, so I would recommend “Paste and Match Style” just in case :wink:

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I know some apps have a separate menu item for pasting as plain text, but that doesn’t exist in Blocs and this could definitely cause problems. In other apps I can generally see the original formatting if I copy/paste from a page with html for example, but not with Blocs. It would be good to have clarification from @Norm

Looks like Blocs does paste as plain text by default which is the best way to do it I think.

Blocs pastes as plain text, some very basic formatting is supported, returns etc.

Solid advice from @pulsecms IMO, the unprintable characters that Word creates just wreck HTML.

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In the past I have often copy/pasted to Text Wrangler first and then added the code stripped text to the web design app. This was done to avoid unwanted problems, but it was always a pain if it had to be done regularly and greatly slowed down productivity.

The command to paste with matching style is actually alt+shift+command+v from what I can see here in Sierra, which is more complicated than I would like. I only started this thread because I found some slightly odd behaviour in a Bloc after pasting straight from a Word doc.

@Flashman could you expand on the strange behaviour? There might be somthing I can do.

@Norm It’s hard to recall exactly now but I remember pasting some text from somewhere and the Bloc stopped responding when I clicked on it and there were no options. I believe I quit the app without saving and when I added the Bloc again after restarting it was fine when I pasted from a plain text source. It’s just something I’ve seen once or twice.

Yeah that sounds like Microsofts trashy hidden chars, I spend hours trying to prevent them on pastes some still slip through the net.

If it’s any consolation I’ve seen similar behaviour in Rapidweaver using Stacks, even though I deliberately choose to paste as plain text. The only way to clean it completely is to run it through Text Wrangler first. I’ve even seen iMove projects go nuts after pasting text from Word.