PC view- telephone view

Can anybody help? in pc view all ok - when look with phone - all shit! Whats wrong? Thanks

Hi @jp1903
It looks like you have a class called “text-w-70” with “max-width: 70%;” that messes upp the text in mobile view.
If you turn that off or adjust it for mobile that should fix the text.
And you seem to have a fixed width and height on your images that displays them at full size in all views.


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thank you so much

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Looking at jp’s website has reminded me of a question I have… it, like one of mine, slops about left to right in the browser, my other fits tight to the width of the browser.

Both of mine have the same settings as far as I can tell… and jp’s coding says:

meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”

…which to my limited knowledge says it should fit the width of the browser.

Any thoughts?

i think i deside this question - on iphone works! Thank you dear ALL here!!!