Phone Bric cannot be used

Today I installed phone bric. But: I cannot be implemented. I see the Icon - but nothing works.
In extension manager is not to see. So I tried to install again…now: there are 2 phone icons to see in Brics but not in extensions. And so I can now neither delete nor use this extension…

Other installed Brics like osm maps, shapes, hype I can use.

I’ve had problems with brics from that developer since the extension manager was updated and ended up deleting them. It’s really very easy to add a phone link to a website and I never need a bric for this. It’s basically just a link that starts tel:+ then add your phone number without spaces.

You can delete the bric icons by removing them manually from the application support folder for Blocs. When you restart Blocs it will be gone.

This is a bug in Blocs that is now fixed (3.4.3). It only effects older Brics that havent been updated recently.

We have this post to instruct you how to remove the Bric manually.

Once its removed try installing it with Blocs 3.4.3 (the beta is available here). Public release coming this week.

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Thank you - about Library I could delete the bric copy.

I wait for blocs update…

it’s out already, this is how you update.

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Thank you - I installed now…

Great work!

Wow, you’re really fast. Thank you @Norm!

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