Photography Template

Hi everyone, Over the last few months at blocs hosting we have been getting to grips with the new version of Blocs and mastering all the new tools available within it. Today we’re happy to announce the first of a list of templates that are being released to Blocs Hosting that not only demonstrate great design but demonstrate exactly what blocs can do. You’ll get access to great customer support with each template as well as one year free hosting with blocs hosting to get your great new template online.

The first template we have released is a photography template for photographers to show off their artwork to the world. If this is not your cup of tea we have plenty more templates in the works built from the ground up to work with blocs 3.0. Our templates are the best priced on the market with free hosting for a year.

If you would like to check out the template at Blocs Hosting

Hi @Blocs_Hosting
There seems to be an issue with sizing in mobile portrait mode.


Looked fine in the blocs file, We’ll take a look cheers

Lots has been changed on this template now, such as a new contact page and a new about page.