Php form won’t send message

I’ve created a simple page with blocs which send emails via a blocs form, but it doesn’t work?
What’s the problem?

It could be a number of things, does your server support none SMTP posting, is php enabled? Did you check spam, do you have heavy spam filters?

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This question comes up from time to time and the best answer is usually to contact your web host for information about what is required on your particular server. Once that is established it should be very reliable if you set up a spam rule never to block messages from the mail server.

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You’re right, and this is the most common support request I deal with. Thats why I recently added a way to set your own actions on forms so you can use 3rd party posting services to handle form posting for you if you server is not confederated correctly. I’ll be posting a bunch of new knowledge base post on forms in the next few days, covering the new stuff and some work arounds for those who have problems.


When i contacted G-suit support they gave me an alternative link email looks like this
and it works, now the form sends the email properly
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