PHP or HTML Page Preference

It would be a nice small touch if project settings can stipulate a preference for PHP or HTML pages. Failing that, when creating new pages it would be good if it can just duplicate what was set with other pages via a pre-selected tick option like you have for the other features, such as viewport. At the moment every page I create is being automatically set to html and I’m having to manually make them php.

I don’t even know at this stage if I’ll need any php functionality later on, but php just seems like the more flexible option. I’m saying this based on my Rapidweaver experience where certain changes at a later date have forced me to switch from html to php. There is a tiny speed penalty with php pages I gather, but we are talking milliseconds.

Any thoughts or observations on this topic from others would be useful.

@flashman, ok good point, duplicate page could copy the page meta data as well as the HTML.


Hello, when you can save the page in php?
After all, it is simple - it’s just that, to be able to choose whether you want to save the sub as html or php and that the program is not turned php tags on some strange things - after adding the code is already possible - missing only use php! Do it in the end because the program is genialy, but still only this php missing

Use version 2.3 (beta) its in page settings. Check out Set Page File Type