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I’m trying to build a site with Blox and I have a very basic question :-). How can I make sure that the brics of my gallery remain the same size when I upload images. The brics adapt the size to the size of each picture, but I would like to have a uniform size for all images, just like this site of another blocs user:



Click on an image and assign the custom class. Then, set the dimensions for your image. You can add the same custom class to all images.

Good luck with your Blocs site!


You could also just use one of the structure brics with say 4 rows, or something from the pre-made gallery. When you optimize your images for the web make sure they are all the same size (the desired size you want).

As Eldar stated, classes are also another way to control the image size. I try to let Blocs do as much of the work as possible and then use classes when needed.


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ok, thank you so much!

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hey TineM, did you ever figured it out?