Picture sizes for lightbox

Evening all.

I’m creating a lightbox facility to bring up bigger pix. I’ve done it before … see the first row of pix here … but I’ve forgotten the pic sizes needed.

On a subsequent page (not yet pubbed) I’ve sized my pix to thumbnail size but when I click on it all I get is the thumbnail.

I’ve watched Eldar’s video on light boxes but it doesn’t seem to cover pic sizing.


The default images that come with Blocs are 1500x1000px but it’s effectively up to you. You can choose alternative image as shown below, so the small version is a thumbnail size and then select the enlarged image for the alternative.



Thanks, Flashman. This is a snag where you think you’re flying, then take six months off Blocs and forget lots. I think the old brain needs a defrag. Cheers!