Pictures in classes aren't exporting

Hello All!

I’m fairly new to Blocs, but I’ve got a website up and running, and I’ve made a ‘newer’ version of it after learning some new tricks from the community.

I’m having an issue with exporting. I have a lot of pictures in custom classes that I made, and none of them are showing up when I export my project and put it live online. Everything looks great in preview mode, and I’m not getting any ‘missing assets’ messages.

I’m using the latest version of blocs.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!


Hi Fred,

Welcome to Blocs and the Forum.

When you look in the local assets folder that is exported before uploading to your server, are the images correctly present? If so then it could be a path issue on server, etc. Make sure you upload the folder structure correctly, as moving things around differently on the server later can easily break references to things and cause missing assets, etc.

Is the version with missing images online somewhere - if so can you provide a link ?

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Also Try preview in browser. Does that preview correctly?

Thanks for the replies!

I’m using as my host. I use ‘Transmit’ as my FTP client, and simply highlight the files in my export folder from Blocs, and drag them into the ‘public_html’ folder on my server. It’s worked perfectly until recently. I’ve never rearranged any of the folders before or after transferring the files from my computer to site

Norm, when I preview the site in Blocs it looks great. But the pictures are absent when I publish to my server.

UPDATE: I download Blocs 2.4.5 and did another export, and everything works!! Any ideas why??

here’s the site…

Thanks again for you advice! I love Blocs! I downloaded the app a month ago, and I’m amazed how easy you’ve made it. Keep up the great work!

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Were you using 2.5? And then went back to 2.4.5 to fix???

Yes sir. I built the site using 2.5, (the 1st site I built was on version 2.4.5.) When I exported it and loaded it onto my server, the pictures that were in classes didn’t appear on the screen. Then I reinstalled 2.4.5, exported the same files, and everything appeared fine on the web.