Pictures will not display in the correct orientation

Im sure this is a simple one but i cannot figure it out. so im reaching out for help.

in my blocs site pictures display in the correct orientation: se pic

However, when exported and uploaded onto my server, some are in the wrong orientation? se pic:

I have opened in Photoshop, checked the orientation in that and resaved.
I have deleted and added the Brics
I have deleted and readded the asset
i have emptied the cache on the browser

original file:

Im a little stumped. any advice would be welcomed

I’ve come across this before and the answer I found was to open the image in Photoshop etc and make a small edit, anything that forces it to save a new version. It should be fine then. Some cameras and viewers “decide” the orientation automatically and rotate it accordingly. By saving a new vesion the image is saved in the correct orientation.