Plain or Styled

Hello All, I’m new with Blocs and want to try it.

For the differents parts in the introduction video you can choose a style and then have the option PLAIN or STYLED so you can already see contains.

I do not see the option to choose STYLED.

How can this be done?

Hope somebody can inform me.

Best regards, Ronald

Nobody Can help me with this?

Not sure what you’re asking. Perhaps a screenshot or something would help.

Welcome to the Blocs forum @r_botman,

I believe the “Styled” option only appears for the following Blocs:

  • Hero
  • Articles
  • Devices
  • Team

Just chose Plain or Styled underneath the Blocs [ Plain | Styled ] as seen below in the screenshot.

Note: I outlined the “Styled” in blue, it does not appear that way in the app.

Hope that helps your efforts, again welcome.

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Thanks a lot. It helps for sure. It works now. Thanks all for all replies