Please add ability to save custom blocks to custom category

I’ve been building a site for a non-technical user, and have been building some nice chunks (read: blocs) for them use with little hassle in the future. They will be able to just add them, and then just customize the text and images.

However, it’s really inconvenient to fit these pieces into a library using the existing categories (such as “structure”, “navigation”, “hero”, etc.)

Norm, is it possible to create a way to add/create my own addition custom categories to save the blocs into? Because I can’t customize the categories, I’ve just been putting everything into the “structure” category, but this is quickly becoming unwieldly.

If I could customize the categories, I could group these custom blocs in a more meaningful way, including blocs for a specific subsidiary of the company…or maybe a collection of custom blocs that share a set of colors or logos, etc.

This could even open up a new market for blocs users by allowing a folder of cool blocs to be sold and installed into the buyer’s copy of Blocs within a custom directory.

Thanks for considering,