Plugins Support Core Functionality


When will Blocs support plugins for extending core functionality?


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What specific plug-ins are you looking for?



Blocs already does support this. They are called “brics”.

Searching for the term “brics” here in the forum you’ll find some free and paid ones. There are a many new ones being released this month by Blocs app’s developers as well as third party developers.


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The Blocs Store launches – next week (discussed previously here).

The @blocsapp Store launches next week with lots of new Goodies for Blocs users.

If you want to go about developing your own Brics, here is the documentation:

Also see these articles about Custom Blocs and Templates:


Requesting plugins to extend core product functionality and behavior,however, I believe custom “Blocs” and “Brics” support project extensions, but does not extend the core product functionality and menu behavior, i.e. main menu buttons, asset manager buttons, and class manager buttons.


Can you give examples regarding:

What are you actually wanting to achieve?


User Story: BW201904041

  1. As a user I would like to organize hosted (local or remote) project specific assets and items into a project specific namespace folder and sub-folders that is selectable from the asset manager, class manager, etc…


Hi @brettonwoods. That’s just one definition of extending core functionality, although I do better understand now what you are saying.:wink:

What you are referring to is a cool feature request, but not really a plugin. That’s something that would be implemented in Blocs core and then plugins/brics could then take advantage of the new feature.

Finally, I’m curious, (and with good intentions). What do you want to accomplish that this feature would make possible. The Blocs app developer is going to want to know this. You can really help push this into existence with a compelling use case, but it will likely need to be something that you simply can’t do that makes building a site impossible or at least very difficult. If it’s only because you think it should be that way I doubt it will move the needle anytime soon.


Thank you all.


Thank you all! @Blocs_User, @Whittfield, @Norm, @MDS