PNG does not show up in bloc bg

When I add a .png image as a background to a bloc it says “no image” afterwards, the image does appear in the editing preview in Blocs but will not show up in the browser preview.
I also cannot click on it again to load another image file. I can, however, drag another image from the assets window to replace it. If I drag the desired png back into it it reverts to “no image”.

I this a bug or do need to know a trick to make this work?


Have you tested another .png image?

I haven’t had this problem myself.

As @Malachiman says, if you are adding the same png image back, it will not replace the one already in the assets folder. Either rename the image before adding it back, or use a different image altogether. If you rename the image and it still doesn’t display, I would suggest there may be a problem with the image itself. Can you open the image in a browser? (right-click/open with) and then select a browser.

Yes, I used this image in a previous web site when it was built with Adobe Muse.