Podcasting help please?

I’m working hard at building a website where I can post blogs, vlogs and podcasts.

The blogs won’t be a problem as I will be linking to separate pages from each one, similar to what I will be doing with the vlog bits (embedding from YouTube on to my site).

It’s the podcasting bit that I need some help with. I’m investigating using Blubrry or Libsyn.

Blubrry has PowerPress plugin for Wordpress and also a HTML5 player.
I do not want to use WordPress. Blocs is so much easier for myself plus I can build while offline and not be connected to the web and then upload later when I’m ready.

Libsyn also has a HTML5 player.

My questions is:
Has anyone used Blubrry or Libsyn as hosts and embedded their players on their Blocs website? Does it work ‘out the box’ or is there anything else to do?
I’m assuming you would just use the ‘Code widget’ to embed the player right?

Any recommendations -Libsyn VS Blubrry. I’d hate to sign up for one only to find that the other is better for use in a Blocs website.

Thank you in advance.