Poll: Free simple or payed more complex brics?

Besides a new CMS solution, I am working also on other brics. I was wondering what of the following the Blocs community prefer:

  • Simple free brics without support
  • Payed more complex brics with more options and support

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I think payed blocs have a little more quality and adaptability, the problem is the price. Two bricks are near the price of the application. It would be great if they had a Lower price, I will deff. purchase them all


I agree a system with packages could be a solution.
I assume that all brics are not equal regarding the time and work spent on it. Offering packages of brics can be an option.
Or an approach like with Eldar and the templates can be considered.

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Thank you to everyone who voted.

@chicuelo, yes I agree, the problem is, that for smaller amounts, the net profit is to small, because you have administrative fees with every sale, and mostly support questions. It depends where you live, but for me brics under 15€ are not profitable. So I am very happy with the proposal of @Muppet, which will finally allow me to make packages will multiple Brics, that I can sell then between 50€ and 100€, but at the same time it will be cheaper for the client when putting enough Brics in a Package. So I can invest more time at creating brics, like I’d be handing them out for free.

Hi @webplus … I also will pay for bricks. I think to make a brick is a lot of work. And to make blocs is so much more of work. Thanks @Norm a wonderful app and with custom bricks is it really cool and a very good app. @webplus do have bricks that can be downloaded ?

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Hello @tom2, no until now I do not have published any brics. But here a little video from one bric, on what I am working actually: http://blocs-extensions.com/help/videos/datePicker/

I think I will release a package with 3-4 Brics when BlocsApp 3 will be released later this year.

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Hi Guys,

Well, as the main dev who has done it all, i.e. free & paid brics, I can tell you that support for free brics is more than those of paid, because people always want more features & it takes a lot of time just to answer everyone. As far as price goes, $15 usd is the bottom limit to even remotely begin to make any kind of money for a dev. Most brics takes anywhere from a month to 3 months to build - would you like to do a lot of work at your job and not get paid for that amount of time??

Blocs, like many others, is a web-design platform & if it’s successful, it will always have many, i.e. 100’s or thousands of paid ad-ons that enhance the functionality of the base platform. Users should not be worried about the cost, but instead about what functionality and ease-of-setup are you getting w/ the ad-on :slight_smile:



Interesting post indeed, on such relevant matter to the platform.

That said I believe that, in order to be more fair, we developers should be excluded from voting. I had an impulse and voted, but now on a second thought we really should not.

Also note the extremely low participation, just 17 votes. And excluding me and Bill just 15 users? This probably means that users are not really interest in custom brics or too lazy to vote. Or many may not even know what is a custom bric :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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How about a vote for both? I like some free ones (free is good) but I’ve also purchased some brics. They can be helpful and save time but I don’t think any Bric developer is going to make a living just developing Brics.

I’m sure even at the prices developers are currently charging versus the time developing Brics it’s really not a win.

Even with some of the more advanced Brics (like blocs) there are some short comings. We all seem to want more, have better control, and for the developers it must sometimes feel a little overwhelming.


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I only see about 41-42 regulars over the last 30 days on the forum. What I see sometimes is anytime a new poster or member asks a question, points out something they might want or like more included like basic Brics, they get bullied. Much of what if said to thier face would elicit a little different response than just going to a different app I’m sure. Be nice.
Imagine how much work and time it takes to make just one song. Millions of people were downloading them for free! Now ya know how musicians felt. $1 per song, apple, Spotify etc. keep the lions share. The artist gets very little. Pandora had 1.5 million plays of one song the artist got $15.64 US. Awful.
Creating Brics widgets whatever you want to call them like Musethemes did for Adobe Muse allowed them to make hundreds of widgets and themes for $69 per year because of the amount of users. Now that’s over.

More Blocs users would enable you to make more and sell for less. I can understand not wanting to spend the time making something only 50 people may use. If it were a thousand or more than $5 is certainly reasonable …

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I think this will be a hard question for many to answer, not least because there have been so few brics created to date. My understanding is that the brics Api is still in early development and that may be holding back the progress of 3rd party brics as well.

As an occasional, but mainly former Rapidweaver user, I suspect we’ll end up with a few free brics that might be considered as loss leaders to gain some visibility and I don’t expect much if any support on those. My hope is that the paid ones will be genuinely useful and capable, rather than “pretty effect of the week” offerings that can be managed fairly well with custom classes. To that extent I think Blocs is a different and potentially far more capable product than Rapidweaver for the average user.

It’s very early days and ultimately the market will decide, but I am confident that Blocs itself will grow in popularity, allowing opportunities to emerge. I think the clever developers are the ones who get in early to establish a presence and ride the wave if (when) there is a big surge in the number of active Blocs users.

My biggest headache right now is simply selling something to clients that isn’t Wordpress. Many of these users will never actually make an update, but expect this facility, along with training and support, but no ongoing maintenance costs…

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Hi @webplus perfect brick ! I am looking for something like this. I have to made a page and the people have to put in a date when they want the book musician equipment… let me know when it’s ready or you want to test it or so … cool !

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@tom2 thank you very much for the kind words. I will let you know, when I finished the bric.

We have the exact same problem, that our clients also want the ability to change their website by their own. But I could convince most of them to us a custom build CMS, which can change same parts of the website but has not the ability to add new sites, similar to Pulse CMS. So you have not the restrictions of templates but at them same time the client is happy that he has the ability to change something by himself on the website. The main argument is that they are more secure than Wordpress websites, because they have a flat file DB. Also the interest for a Hacker finding a way to Hack Wordpress sites is a lot more attractive like a CMS Solutions which is used for hundred websites. I am working also on an integration of our CMS Solution into BlocsApp, but this takes a lot of time.

Also important to note that here in Blocs we developers don’t have a place to list our products, a marketplace similar to that in RapidWeaver as an example. This would, in theory, increase sales and probably lead to a decrease in prices.


I think that would likely make a big difference to sales for developers. Perhaps there could even be a feature within Blocs that takes you to the marketplace. At time of writing, 3rd party brics are barely on my radar, partly because there are so few, but also because their presence is not well advertised. If you were an infrequent forum user you might not even be aware that 3rd party brics exist.

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wow…the date picker bric…looks promising and should come in handy.
Looking forward to it. Thank you in advance

I will also say…Its fair for Developers to bring on board well designed and thoughtful brics that will help us all.
We should SUPPORT buy purchasing. It will help the community grow, more great projects will be made.


@Lucas @Flashman Yes, this would be helpful. If I remember correctly, Norm once mentioned, that he plans to integrate a bric marketplace directly into Blocs, but I do not find the post any more. But I think this will not be so soon. Depending on my workload in december/january, I will perhaps create a first marketplace, where all developers can list there brics, until a solution from Norm will be presented.

Thank you very much for the kind words, and your support.

I think that’s a great idea. Adobe Muse had/has a place for third party suppliers as do many, many others.
It sure would make it easy to go to just one place to look for what we want or would like.