Poll: Free simple or payed more complex brics?


Hey @webplus ,

I also wanted to create a website with a list of available custom bricks, and I have almost finished the website and even purchased the domain name (blocsbrics.com). But after asking some of the developers if they want to participate and not getting a clear positive answer back, I have dropped that project. :slight_smile:


Hey @Eldar, that are great news :slight_smile: Can you please give some more information to your plans?


Well, basically, because I am not going to build my own brics, I just wanted to create a place where we can put together all of the links to the websites of available brics (Until Norm provides the official alternative). Something similar to https://BuiltwithBlocs.com website. If that’s something that you think will be useful, I can get it online in a couple of hours.


It could and probably should just be a page on the Blocs website linking to the various “vetted” third party bric developers. Categorized of course by type.
Adobe had problems with service from third party developers taking money and not delivering…bugs…bugs and more bugs…it reflected poorly upon the company. This is why to run a company like Blocs there needs to be more people.
I think Norm said he is planning on bringing in more “helpers” in the future. For now maybe a page like Eldar describes isn’t too bad.


@Eldar Do you planed it as a free or payed service for bric developers?


Of course, free. And I told that from the beginning very clearly. I guess all developers just want to have their own website and collection of brics.


Hey @Eldar if you ask me I’m ok of course :grinning:
In fact I cannot recall you ever asking me to list my stuff, I believe it’s a great idea.


Hello @eldar, of course I then will also participate. @Bill, what about you?

If I remember correctly, there exists also 2 free brics somewhere in the Forum here. It were also good, if they would appear there.

I even can imagine something similar to rapidweavercommunity.com so that we later have a site with all links concerning Blocs:

  • Free Brics,
  • Pro Brics / Payed brics
  • Templates (A link to your template page)
  • Free Videos (Your videos, but also videos, which are present here in the Forum. I think there mainly on some videos which @Jakerlund has created, if he is ok with this)
  • Online Courses (Your payed online video courses)

I also have the domain blocscommunity.com, if you think this one were better if we include everything, let me know. I could add your nameservers in the domain. I am also open to transfer this domain at any moment to @norm, if he prefers.

This are only some ideas from me, the do you think @Eldar @Lucas


Yes sure I’m all in :grinning:


Ok, I’ve talked to Norm and it will probably be 6-12mos before an official marketplace site is ready. He said he’s fine w/ a temporary marketplace till he can do the official one.

So LET’S DO A TEMPORARY ONE ! I’m In. :smiley:

@Eldar - If you have the time, we would need a site that lists each product in a image grid & a simple search functionality based on some tags we could add to each product.

Obviously, a login admin backend to allow devs to add a product icon image & maybe some screenshot images and some basic info on the product: Product Name/Developer Name/Price/Current Version/Link to the product Page. I’m hoping you have a simple CMS system in mind, or something that won’t cost a lot for you.

This would be temporary and be free for the devs to use. AND when the official marketplace is ready then we have to agree to either turn the keys over to Norm or delete the site, as there can’t be two places :wink:

@webplus I think blocscommunity.com is good, but so is blocsbrics.com Either one, @webplus & @Eldar can decide which one - Just remember Norm may want the domain name, so you must be willing to transfer it to him, if he so wishes.

So @Eldar - are you up for a challenge? - It’s on your shoulders! - Keep us informed.



@webplus @Bill

Both of your ideas sound great. Of course, I will be happy to participate!

At the moment, I am very busy with preparing for a release of my new project (not related to Blocs, or web design), but later in October, I will be able to work on our new site. If somebody can give it a go before then, I would be just happy to assist from the side!

In any case, it’s great to see the collective effort in growing our great community! :slight_smile:



It’s a bit amusing and rather ironic that @Eldar is expected to put forth all those stated features of a site for free, while 3rd party developers clamor about costs and value of their items across the forum over time.

I suspect @Eldar’s time and talents have value as well in offering to market the items. Plus he already has a large established ecosystem of traffic. Regarding his Learning Blocs and Blocs Templates sites driving users and customers to his sites already, which will instantly benefit this endeavor as well. So that should certainly be worth something.

Just saying. :wink:

PS: I think @InStacks already grabbed the best domain for it, blocsaddons .com, I doubt he is willing to relinquish that however. :–)


Yes, it is really great, to see the effort of the community. I am not sure, if we need really a CMS system at this state, with the some brics which exists until now, we could also create something static. @Eldar if you find a not free script which were interesting for this project, let me know, I will participate to the costs. I prefer one time payments, I am no fan of monthly payments. If hosting is needed, I also can provide this for free for this project.


A marketplace has been in the works for over a year but has been delayed due to GDPR meaning we have had to rethink how it’ll work.

But just to clarify, it is coming (2019) and it will be awesome!

Blocs Twitter Feed

Guys let’s continue to talk in devs channel :wink:


@Lucas Creating a new Post or do there exists the slack channel, which @norm mentioned once?


Devs channel at Slack.



Why not create a simple Pinned & Locked thread (editable and updated by you) at the top of the forum under the “Guide To Getting Help”. With links to all resources available by 3rd parties?

— Example —

Thread Title:

3rd Party Blocs Resources - Learning, Tutorials, Templates, Custom Blocs & Brics

Thread Content:

– Disclaimer:

The following resources and products are provided by 3rd parties and are not affiliated or associated with BlocsApp in anyway. All purchasing, support, financial, legal matters and problem resolutions surrounding 3rd party resources and products are handled solely by each 3rd party and are not the responsibility of BlocsApp in anyway.

[ or whatever you desire or is needed legally by you @norm :—) ]

– Video Training & Tutorials:

– Templates:

– Add-on Developers:

– Or include direct links to the developer sites …


Given the "current low number " of 3rd party custom offerings, a simple site provided as part of @Eldar’s established ecosystem would seemingly be enough.

Developers could simply provide him with screenshots, a limited text summary and URL links to their custom offering page(s) and that would be enough to help drive traffic from his established ecosystem to their channels.

When you have a new offering submit the new info which will be added to the site, similar to how he already handles builtwiithblocs.com … which he already offered above …

In the end – ultimately its up to each 3rd party to market and thus compel users to buy their products, based upon the cost, merits and features of what is being offered via their own end channels.

A site as part of @Eldar’s ecosystem along with a Pinned & Locked thread on the forum would just be aiding in funneling users to those 3rd party developer channels.

Each approach together should be enough until @norm sorts out a more official marketplace approach, IMHO.



Good call.


A static thread has already been in use & it’s just not cutting it for the visitors - most are really visually oriented and need nicely laid out images/screenshots, etc - not text.
A nice clean visual site w/ search options is much better IMHO :wink: