Pop-up Panels

I need help again… @Jakerlund

Any idea how to apply a simple pop-up panel when clicked read more I want it to pop-up with title and text…

I used this with buttons.
Should also be possible with text.

 <div class="modal-content">
   <div class="modal-header">
     <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal">X</button>
     <h4 class="modal-title">Hanno Bruhn Gang</h4>
   <div class="modal-body">
     <h3>Berlin Uff Blues</h3>
     <img src="images/berlin_uff_blues.png" class="img-responsive" <="" p="">
     <h3>Blues mit Schnauze</h3>
     <img src="images/blues_mit_schnauze.png" class="img-responsive" <="" p=""><p></p>
     <div class="modal-footer">
     <button type="button" class="button-schliessen" data-dismiss="modal">schliessen</button>


Thank you! How can you apply this?

When you put the code shown above in a html-widget it creates a button called “Hanno Bruhn Gang”.
Just change the name, the text and the pics in the code to whatever you want.
You can also create classes “modal-content”, “modal-header” etc. and change color, background color etc. like usual.

To use this code with a text like " … read more" I’m not sure how to apply this.
But Sandy may know. He allways knows such things.
Good luck.
I hope, I could help.

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