Pop up window to collect email from new subscriber

I have Blocs version 2.6.5. How can I add drag and drop 2 features I need.
I have very simple website with no coding.

  1. Pop up window when user enter my web site to get Email from new subscriber
  2. Pop up window for short survey

I don’t know how to make a pop up, but you could try to do it with modals…

Hi @rsachdeva, I strongly suggest you upgrade to blocs 3. Modals (Pop-ups) are build in and super easy to implement. Blocs 2, the version you’re using doesn’t have this option build-in and I’m not sure if this would we possible with some coding. If you use the coupon code: DRIBBBLE20 @Norm gives you a $20 discount on Blocs 3 as well! How awesome of him! :grinning:

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Jerry - I will look into upgrade to version 3 as I need to create very simple pages and version 2 seems to do job for me, but I can not drag and drop and create pop up without any coding. Is it possible to look at some sample site link which has pop up created by version 3.

I want to create pop up like this

Wow, you’re looking for a free replacement of a product which has a 62 Euro per month subscription fee. Again, your best bet would be upgrading to Blocs 3 which is cheaper compared to one-month sleeknote subscription fee. More details on how modals work can be found here.