Portfolio gallery with filtering

As a cyclone :cyclone: :cyclone: is, as we speak, pulling out the coconut trees from my garden I got some time on hand to create a portfolio gallery with image filtering which is, except for a few lines of javascript, fully build with Blocs. I promised to do this a couple of months ago and it’s finally there :partying_face:. No, it doesn’t come with a manual but it’s pretty straightforward to add images, selectors etc.
2022-02-20_15-53-58 (1)

And yes, it’s fully responsive as well!

2022-02-20_15-57-25 (5)

Have fun! :champagne:
Image filter.bloc (977.6 KB)


Funny pictures))) excellent, +100500

Stay safe :tropical_drink:

You live on an island, you love adventure like Jack London, you write, I hope you’re safe.

Он был великим писателем!

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Yeah, no cocktails with a fancy umbrella next to the pool today :desert_island: :palm_tree: :sunny: :bikini:
So far still lucky I got electricity.

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Top work sir!

Thanks Jerry!!!

Rich the Weather Guy